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Why Allies are Necessary

Being an ally (one that is associated with another as a helper : a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, or struggle) to any marginalized community may seem like a big task. It's asking you to step outside of your comfort zone, to advocate for the equality and inclusion of someone else.

It's difficult to understand, the importance of being an ally, if you haven't been directly been impacted by discrimination, or are just becoming aware of the many injustices that marginalized individuals face every day. However, allies are vital to true change being made.

Take a second to watch this short video, that shows the true impact of allies, and how their voices can change a situation, and those around them.

There are many ways to be an ally, but intervening, stepping up, and showing up, for others when you notice something is wrong, is needed to encourage and promote true change in every sector of the community. Voices of oppressed individuals are often not heard, or dismissed. Until those outside of marginalized communities start advocating for them, the cycle will continue.

Silence = complacency. We cannot continue to watch injustices occur, without being the voice for those who are no longer heard.

“No voice is too soft when that voice speaks for others.”- Janna Cachola

If you are interested in identifying opportunities to further your allyship, please check out our page with 5 Ways to Make a Difference.

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