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In the wake of 2020, and the continual fight for equality, a small group of people decided to create a central location to connect organizations within the Chippewa Valley. There are many different resources offering assistance, mentorships, education, and more.


We wanted to ensure that the information was readily available for 3 main categories.

1. Get Involved - For those interested in being a part of the change, we created a place with resources and links to local organizations and education, to make a change locally and nationally. Individuals are able to quickly locate areas of need, and contribute through volunteering, donations, and other avenues

2. Get Help - For individuals who are seeking assistance for themselves, a friend or family member, there is a list of organizations and what types of services they offer, to combat a variety of issues. The goal is to provide light and guidance to those who require assistance

3. Get Informed - For those who are interested in learning about historic and current issues involving equality, we created different links to resources so you can fully understand the gaps in equality within our state, country and world. By being continually informed, you are able to recognize issues, and take charge to educate others, and make changes to make a difference

We hope that each individual that comes to our website is able to easily access information, and connect with groups within the Chippewa Valley. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions at

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