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Celebrating Black Voices is a live-action collection of twelve five minute episodes featuring prominent Black celebrities and artists reading children's books from Black authors that highlight the Black experience.


All are Welcome Book
Race Cars
Little Heroes of Color Book
Eyes that Kiss the Corners Book


And Tango Makes Three
It Feels Good to Be Yourself
Introducing Teddy
What are your words? Book
Julian is a Mermaid
Pride the store of Harvey Milk
Auntie Uncle Drag Queen Hero
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Daddy Papa and Me
Kids with Capes


Below are some fun activities to get your brain moving and learning about equality, diversity and inclusion!

  1. learn about different families
    There are so many different types of families! Some people have 2 moms. Some have 2 dads. Some have a mom and a dad. Some have one parent. Some kids live with their grandparents. When you are out and about, look at the different people around you. Think about people you know, and notice all the amazing different ways that people can be a family!

  2. Learn about different cultures
    Do you know about your own culture? Where is your mom from? How about your dad? Or your grandparents? If you haven't already, get to know your own culture. What types of foods do you eat and drink? What kinds of clothes do you wear? Now take some time to get to know about other cultures. Try their food. Look a their clothing. Listen to their music. Meet people with different backgrounds! You might not like all the same foods or the same music, but I bet you have a lot in common. Learn to appreciate the differences. You never know, you might find something new that you really love!

  3. Go to the store and observe
    The next time you go to the store, take a moment to look. Look at the toys. How many dolls do they have that are different colors? Look at the books. How many books show people who look the same or different from you? Look at the signs. How many people in the signs are the same as you and your family, or different? By starting to notice these differences, we start to see that some places are very good at showing a variety of different families, kids and people. While others, only show certain types of people. Take the time to notice which stores care about showing and representing different people, and which ones don't.

    Ask your parents about local minority owned business that you can shop at and support. There is a big list of places such as restaurants, stores, and more HERE

  5. think about the people you know
    I bet you know a lot of people! Your family. Your friends. The people you go to school with. Your neighbors. It's important to know that everyone is unique. You are even different from your siblings or your mom or dad. Being different is a good thing. It makes us who we are. We also have a lot in common with others! Think about the people you know. Think about physical differences (hair, skin color, wheelchair, glasses, age, etc.), and think about personal differences (likes, dislikes, personalities, loud or quiet, calm or excitable). The more we get to know people, the more we can celebrate the things we have in common, and the things we don't! 

  6. Keep on Learning!
    Learning doesn't just mean books or school. We can learn from other people! Learning about different families, kids, people, jobs, cultures and more, will make us smarter, kinder, and more amazing people! Keep asking questions. Keep getting to know new people who are different from you. Keep including others in your conversations. You'll learn a lot, and makes some awesome friends in the process.