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Black History Month - Be Informed

Photo Credit: NBC San Diego

While we should be paying homage to Black individuals, as well as other marginalized individuals all year around, Black History Month is a wonderful reminder to focus and reflect on the oppression of Black folx in this country.

History paints a very clear picture of the abuse and horrors that Black people have endured, ever since they were enslaved, and kidnapped when they were brought to the United States. Ever since then, there has been a continual oppression that includes murder, segregation, discrimination, and denial of basic human rights.

I wish that today I could say that that has changed. While major leaps and bounds have happened, representation, equity, diversity, inclusion, and equality, are all issues that are fought for on a continual basis by individuals of color, and Black folx can speak to this on a deeper level.

The chant that resonated when George Floyd was murdered was "No justice. No peace." I hope every single day that that is not lost, and that privileged individuals, are fighting as advocates for marginalized individuals to the same extent that they are being persecuted.

This post by Rachel Elizabeth Cargle cries out to individuals to do the work. To those with white privilege to not rely on BIPOC individuals to educate them.

Daily life needs to be intentional. To research, understand, change, adapt, and grow in order to squash racism, and make the world a better place, demanding equity.

There's a lot to learn. Below are some resources that will help educate you, provide action items, and allow you to support local Black folx in our community

Continue learning and growing. Teach yourself, and educate others. Do the right thing. Advocate. Donate. Grow.

The fight for equity does not end if we remain complacent or stagnant.

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