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If you or someone you know needs assistance or advocacy, check out this page. Below are links to topics and organizations who can assistance in different areas. If you do not see something listed, please feel free to reach out to us directly at, so we can further assist in finding aid for your needs.

Helping Hands


Do you need an advocate, for yourself, a friend, or family member? Email us, so we can help connect you with someone who can help promote and defend specific rights, needs or interests

"Accepting help is its own kind of strength."


Mountain Range



american civil liberities union (ACLU)

Civil Liberties and Rights

The ACLU of Wisconsin is the state affiliate of the national ACLU and is a non-profit, non-partisan, private organization. The ACLU of Wisconsin has 13,000 members and is dedicated to defending the civil liberties and civil rights of all Wisconsin residents.

black & brown womyn power coalition, inc.

Fight Violence Against Womyn, Queer and Trans Folx, and Youth

Our mission is the build the capacities of Black and Brown advocates and their communities to end violence against womyn, queer and trans folx, and young people. We envision a bold healthy community lead by liberated and powerful Black, Brown, womyn, queer and trans folx, and young people. Our Core Guiding Values are informed by life-long advocates working to end gender-based violence with a belief that those most impacted should lead the work.

C.C. We adapt

Peer Support, Mentorship, Public Awareness/Education & More

We Adapt is a movement. Established in 2020, our mission was formed in response to worldwide pandemic, racial inequity, and political divide. Adaptation occurs when a challenge presents itself. Our objective is to help individuals find the intervention suitable for their lives so that they can reach the most sustainable, healthy, and productive adaptation possible. 

chippewa valley lgbtq+

LGBTQ+ Resources and Connection

We aim to provide services and create educational programs that promote well-being and unity within & among the LGBTQ+ community.


We work to promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community and of individuals within that community in the Chippewa Valley region.

chippewa valley street ministry

Assistance for the Homeless

On most Tuesday and Friday nights we can be found from about 5:30 pm to 7 pm in the parking lot opposite Sojourner House on Barstow Street as part of our ministry with people who are living on the streets. We offer them warm clothing, gloves, hats, blankets, water, candy, hygiene kits, and whatever else we might have. If they need something that we don‘t have, we will try to get it! And beyond meeting the physical needs of people, we are also there to offer prayer, a compassionate ear, a human touch, and our friendship.

Our street ministers have also helped in finding furniture, dishes, linens, and other needs for new apartments. We can provide transportation for people who need to make appointments with social workers or other agencies, or medical care.

ecasd hmong pta

Assistance for Hmong Parents and Students

ECASD Hmoob (Hmong) PTA was established March 19, 2020. The organization serves to provide ECASD Hmong parents a welcoming and safe place to collaborate and advocate for our Hmong students' education.

eau claire area hmong mutual assistance association, inc.

Services for Southeast Asian Refugees

Eau Claire Area Hmong Mutual Assistance Association, Inc. (ECAHMAA) was established in 1982 as a non-profit organization (501)(c)(3) to provide services for Southeast Asian refugees. The ECAHMAA is funded by federal, state, city, local grants and contributions from sponsors. It is also a partner agency of the United Way of Greater Chippewa Valley. The ECAHMAA is committed to pursuing innovative funding ideas and new financial partnerships. Community support can come in the form of volunteer efforts, food or material donations, as well as financial contributions.

El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley

Latin American Connections

El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley is a non-profit organization in Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley. We serve the community as a voice of recognition for multiculturalism, community support and education throughout the Chippewa Valley area. We aim to bring cultural awareness to the area by establishing connections with as many local Latin American cultures as possible. Through these connections, we have been able to prioritize the needs of the Latino community that include raising awareness, creating safe communications and helping families connect with necessary resources.

hmong american leadership & economic development (HALED)

Hmong Leadership

HALED is committed to bringing you resources and learning opportunities to contribute to your economic achievement, leadership, and professional goals.

Hmong Family strengthening helpline

Assistance with Violence and Abuse


The Hmong Family Strengthening Helpline provides support, contact, and referrals to anyone—regardless of gender and age— who is residing in Wisconsin and experiencing violence and abuse. We are also a resource for individuals who are concerned that a loved one is experiencing abuse and violence. We work with advocates and victim service providers to increase access to services, provide support and consultation.

The Helpline welcomes calls from service providers seeking culturally competent services in the state of Wisconsin.​​The helpline number: 1-877-740-4292


Joining Our Neighbors in Advancing Hope

JONAH - Joining Our Neighbors, Advancing Hope, a grassroots organization, comprised primarily of diverse faith communities, seeks to bring people in the Chippewa Valley into relationship and empower one another to build a healthier and fairer community for us all.

power of perception

Creating Opportunities for Minority Youth

Power of Perception is a mentoring program focused on creating opportunities for minority youth. Their mission is to “create a valuable toolbox of resources that will equip these young kings and queens to become contributing citizens in today’s society.” In addition to giving the gift of hope to deserving youth, founder Dennis Beale also offers speaking and consulting services.


We can help connect you with individuals or organizations who can help!

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