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Community Spotlight: Created by Cween

As a part of Black History Month, we will be highlighting different Black owned businesses in the Chippewa Valley. We encourage you to support these businesses year around.

Support Leslie by liking, following, sharing, and/or purchasing

My name is Leslie Stephens, founder and CEO of Created by CWeen. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, a mother of five and has been in healthcare for over 25 years, currently as a histotechnician at MCHS. By the grace if God, I decided to take my life back from a forlorn marriage, in 2019 I divorced and relocated to Eau Claire, WI from Las Vegas, NV.

In 2017, I began blending oils and whipping Shea Butter as a means to save money and because I was not pleased with store bought lotions. Using the knowledge I’d gained while working in dermatology, I continued to research and formulate different oils to perfect my recipes. With the encouragement of my significant other (I’ve reunited with my high school sweetheart), Created by Cween was produced to sell to consumers. Our products are all natural, handcrafted and for all skin/hair types.

It is important to support marginalized individuals & businesses to emphasize entrepreneurship as a solution to establish generational wealth. Support creates an enabling environment for entrepreneurship that establishes and strengthens opportunities for the disenfranchised population.

Entrepreneurship can lift low-income families out of poverty by creating new employment opportunities. We often relate poverty to sheer lack of basic income however, poverty can be a severe lack of opportunity, the absence of proper education, training and resources to move ahead in life or simply the lack of proper support. By supporting people of color and indigenous people, we are afforded the chance to superseded these barriers.

Having grown up in the inner city on the west side of Chicago, I faced challenges being raised by a single mother. She was a great example of strength which gave me the drive to pursue my dreams. I lost my will and passion during a marriage, but God led me to my purpose and for that I am thankful.

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