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Just for Kids: AAPI Heritage Month Activity

Did you know that there are a different types of grocery stores? Have you ever been to an Asian or Asian American grocery store?

You can get a lot of different types of food at these stores. It might look different from your grocery store. It might smell different from your grocery store. It might sound different from your grocery store. It's so fun to experience new places and see what types of food and drink different people have.


Ask an adult to take you to one of the stores listed below, and do the things below, together:

  1. Look - Look up, look down, look all around. See the colors. The writing. The different packages, foods and drinks that are there. Some things may look different. See if there is anything there that you've seen before. Look at the people who work there. At the counters, at the signs. What is the same as your normal grocery store, and what is different?

  2. Listen - What do you hear? Is there music playing? Are there people talking? Does it sound familiar, or different?

  3. Smell - It might smell different from what you are used to. Different smells are good. Think about what it smells like, and remember that just because something smells different from what you are used to, that isn't a good or bad thing.

  4. Taste - Pick out a new food or drink that you've never tried before. If you aren't sure what to pick, ask the person at the counter. There are lots of different fruits, candies, and other foods that you might love if you try them.


  • AMERASIAN FOOD PLUS - 2116 Cameron St. Eau Claire, WI

  • LORIENTAL STORE - 1607 Bellinger St. Eau Claire, WI

  • YANG ASIAN MARKET - 416 Putnam St. Eau Claire, WI

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