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cvei wants to hear from you

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If you had to talk about one topic related to being a minority or social justice without any prep work, what would it be?

we need you!

A huge part of the Chippewa Valley Equality Initiative, is raising and elevating the voices of marginalized communities in the Chippewa Valley. That includes representation, and a platform for these voices to be heard, recognized, and valued.

We are looking for individuals (or groups) who want to contribute an article to our blog to shed some insight into a specific community! We want to hear from as many people as we can, to elevate as many voices as possible, showing representation of the communities, and the faces and stories of more than a single individual who is often tokenized and chosen to represent all of a specific community.

Topics can be heavy or light. They are totally up to you! What do you think that the Chippewa Valley needs to hear or recognize? 

Ideas could be anything from something cultural you want to make people aware of, to a social justice issue, to a talent that is within your community that you want to highlight! This is your time to be proud, seen, heard and valued!

Let’s Work Together

Thanks for submitting!
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