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Nominations Now Open - Uniting Bridges Diversity Awards

Uniting Bridges, along with VolumeOne has partnered up to recognize individuals in the Chippewa Valley who are making a difference.

According to the information on, "The program seeks innovators, creators, leaders, and persistent individuals who foster challenging conversations, create and push for initiatives to improve inclusivity in the Chippewa Valley, and tirelessly work to represent underrepresented communities and advocate for their voices to be heard.

Nominees should be actively involved in the fight for a fairer future, embody the work of justice, and spread kindness and inclusivity within the Chippewa Valley community. Their efforts may be seen, felt, or heard through their day-to-day work or through the large-scale impact they have on their community."

This is an incredible opportunity to recognize individuals who are making a difference. To show that their efforts do not go unnoticed. To show others the impact that a single person can have on our community and world.

Please take a moment to nominate someone who you know that has made this world a better place, through kindness, justice, resolve, empathy, compassion and action.

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