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Native Heritage Month - Shop Native Businesses

We are so lucky to have multiple Native/Indigenous business owners in the Chippewa Valley. It is important to support their work during not only the month of November (Native American Heritage Month), but all year around.

Please consider buying this holiday season from local Native/Indigenous businesses, and supporting their work.

Photo by: Haley Eaglestar Photography

This business is owned by Anishinaabe woman, Caitlin Newago. Caitlin Newago is a mother, artist, and tribal member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians.

Founded in 2016, Caitlin Newago started her first business at 21 years old - Bizaanide'ewin Beadwork & Supplies.

Her works are comprised of Ojibwe floral designs using historical methods and mediums including birchbark and porcupine quills.

She states: "As a lifelong survivor of abuse and debilitating trauma, I view these art styles and my crafting as medicine. Both beading and quiling require a certain level of peaceful patience. This is similar to meditation, and has been immensely healing and restorative. Reconnecting with my roots is crucial in finding myself, determining who I truly and what my purpose in this life is. I have drawn strength from my art, culture, and my people. These have developed a strong foundation for my life."

Giizhig Design Company is owned by an Indigenous woman, belonging to the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Ojibwe, Brittany Tainer.

Brittany states on her website: "My spirit name is Miskwagiizhigookwe (Red Sky Woman), which inspired the name for this endeavor of mine, and the Giizhig logo is based on a pendant that was beaded by my great aunt many years ago. These are things that I hold dear to me and they’re a part of a commitment that I have made to celebrate my culture. These are pieces of my story.

I draw inspiration from many different things when it comes to creating, but I always have the same intention: focus on the story. The experience, the people, the causes, the feeling. These are the things that truly matter and keeping sight of that is how we can make an impact on the world around us."

Support these amazing, Native/Indigenous, woman owned businesses!

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