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National Diversity Months and How to Take Part in Them

There are so many amazing months that are dedicated to celebrating diversity in the United States. While it is important to celebrate these months, it is equally important to be recognizing, and implementing the celebration of different cultures, heritages, and lifestyles throughout the year.

By taking part in each month, it gives you specific awareness to set aside additional time to specifically learn about different individuals and groups. This is important for individuals, couples, parents, guardians, businesses and educators.

Some ideas of things to learn about during these months are:

  • History

  • Oppression

  • Current issues faced today

  • Ways you can contribute to equity and inclusion (Petitions, Donations, Volunteering, Voting, etc.)

  • Successes

  • Learning more about the group's practices, culture, heroes

Ways that you can learn about different groups are:

  • Educate yourself and your kids/students

  • Get to know individuals in the community who are a part of this specific group, and foster meaningful relationships

  • Volunteer at a local organization that supports a cause related to the monthly celebration

  • Read books that talk about historic or present day struggles, achievements and more. Get to know about specific individuals who are prominent in that specific community

  • Watch movies and documentaries about the group/community (be sure to do your research to ensure that they are not contributing to inaccurate information and implicit biases)


February - Black History Month

March - Women's History Month

April - Hmong Heritage Month

May - Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

June - Pride Month

September 15 - October 15 - National Hispanic Heritage Month

October - LGBT History Month

November - National Native American Heritage Month

All of these months are just reminders for us to individually to the work to educate ourselves and others on the importance of diversity within each group. Continued education, and awareness is what makes this world a better place by fostering diversity, equity, access and inclusion.

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