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Donations Needed: ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation

Regional organizer of the ACLU of Wisconsin's Campaign for Smart Justice work, David Carlson, is asking for support. For those who can afford it, please donate today to the ACLU of Wisconsin. By supporting the ACLU of Wisconsin, you are supporting anti-discrimination and anti-racism work in the Chippewa Valley and throughout the state.

A message from David:

I support this organization’s mission and I want it to have a greater impact on the community. Donate to the ACLU of Wisconsin today to help protect the civil liberties of every Wisconsinite!

I became a regional organizer for the ACLU of Wisconsin to further a mission that is independent of any organization I am affiliated with--I seek fairness in the criminal legal system, and evidence based practices in the spending of taxpayer dollars.

Mass incarceration has only increased the racial disparities present within this state, targeting Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color at a disproportionate rate. It cost approximately $38,644 per year to imprison someone. The price per year to be educated at the University of Wisconsin ranges from $7,000.00 to $18,000.00 dependent on the family's income level. Wisconsin is choosing to throw people in cages under the guise of tough on crime punishment at the tune of two to three times the cost of what it would take to educate most of these same people. This isn't about public safety. Mass incarceration is job security for certain segments of the Wisconsin governmental infrastructure, paid for by tax payers, and the human cost of addiction, trauma, and mental health illnesses.

The ACLU of Wisconsin's commitment to ending the practice of mass incarceration in Wisconsin is second to none. I am honored to be on the front lines of this effort everyday with this organization. But all of us are not meant to march in the streets, or rally the people. Everyone contributes differently, and I am asking you to contribute today by donating to the ACLU of Wisconsin. Be a part of the unprecedented change occurring within our state. By supporting the ACLU of Wisconsin, you are not only changing the lives of many socioeconomically marginalized people, you are also saving the lives of individuals whose only protections are the ACLU of Wisconsin's advocates and volunteers who take up the fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Thank you so much for your support!

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