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Community Spotlight: Soph's Creations

As a part of Black History Month, we will be highlighting different Black owned businesses in the Chippewa Valley. We encourage you to support these businesses year around.

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My name is Sophina, I was born in the dead of winter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; although it was cold outside, my soul has always been warm and welcoming. I was due on 02/12 but didn't come until the early morning of 02/19, my soul was set on coming here as a Pisces (as I was born 5 hours into the season)! My parents were both born on the 19th of 1979, I was born on the 19th of 1997 which instantly sparked my interest in numerology, as well as always kept me on my toes with noticing numerical coincidences which later became a huge part of my life and who I am. Ironically, it is 1:23 on the clock now as I type this which tells me I'm taking steps in the right direction.

As a teen, I found myself searching for answers, I was so lost and was unsure of who I was; all I knew was I felt like I was riddled with anxiety and depression, which at the time felt like my only two emotions. Whenever I was feeling good, I had fear within me, wondering when it would end. Since I was always feeling down or sad, I knew how to talk to people who are in that state of mind. I am always able to make other people feel but that made me a question, "Why can't I ever make myself feel better?" In search of myself, I stumbled upon astrology, tarot, and other forms of divination. When I had decided to dive into astrology, I was not expecting it to make the impact that it did. I was finally able to put an explanation to the intense emotions I have been feeling for my whole life as well as come to an understanding as to why I am a conduit for others to express their emotions.

Now I am nearing my 25th birthday and I can finally confidently say that I know who I am and what I am here to do. I understand my soul's purpose.. all thanks to astrology, tarot, and divination. My mission on his floating space rock is to manifest my desired reality and show other people that they are in charge of their life, even when they feel like everything is out of their control. My soul's purpose is to be that guiding force in someone's life to create the life that they think can only exist in dreams.

After graduating high school in 2015, I went straight to a private all-girl university majoring in Art Therapy and Psychology. As a head of household single mom, I had too much on my shoulders. I was supposed to graduate from college in 2020 so when that time came around and I was still living paycheck to paycheck I was feeling highly discouraged. I then knew I needed to do something to change my life.

With my first stimulus check, I knew that I needed to invest in myself and in my future. That started with a tattoo machine and an oracle deck from Amazon. I quickly learned that although I love tattooing myself, I can't say that I LOVE doing tattoos on other people. With that being said, I LOVE doing readings for people. I LOVE looking at someone's birth chart and being able to answer their questions and point them in the right direction in regards to their love life or career. If I don't love it, I don't want it I'm now realizing that I am worth so much more than I previously was giving myself credit for. While I started doing what I love more and more often for more and more people I quickly realized that I don't want to settle for anything less. I was then able to build up my confidence by 2021 and I had booked 2 art galleries in July and in December. I was able to get a taste of what it feels like to be a real capital A-Artist. The feeling I felt while hanging up my art was a feeling that I could get used to. I embody being myself for who I am and I want to share this good feeling with everyone! It is our natural born birthright to be happy and stand confidently in who we are!

This year, 2022, I am finally taking myself and my talents SERIOUSLY. I aspire to share my story and inspire people to step into their power. With that being said, on April 27th, 2022 I will have an official website where I will not only offer Astrology, Tarot, and Oracle readings; but I will also post my art (originals and prints) for sale, AS WELL AS home made spell candles spell jars and other random little creative nic nacs that I make.

As a Jack of all Trades, I was told I need to find my "niche." After a long thought process, I decided I'm not going to settle on one niche. I am so talented and multifaceted, I want to be that example to the world that you CAN do whatever you set your mind/soul to. I can be a tarot reader, astrologer, artist, and small business owner all in one; so mote it be!

I believe that it is important to support marginalized individuals and businesses because our unique individual talents are important! Each and every human being on this floating space rock has a purpose. One of my favorite words is the word Sonder: the realization that every passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

I believe that it is important that we all step into our power and put an emphasis on the things that we love and the things that bring us joy. No one is going to open a business for something that they personally don't believe in. It is important to not only find your tribe but to support them. In my world, I want us all to win!

As a single mom, I definitely would struggle between working for money to support myself and my son and finding a job to work because it truly brought joy to my life. They say that money doesn't buy happiness, but I am not able to truly be happy if I know that I'm unable to meet my needs and/or my son's.

It can be difficult at times advocating for Astrology and Tarot when there is a large percentage of the population who discredits what is written in the stars. Astrology is a beautiful language that I understand better than English. Although there are going to be people out there that will discredit the career that I am building, I will still confidently stand tall in what I believe in and show extra appreciation to the ones that can see the change that I am making.


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