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Donations Needed for Homeless in Chippewa Valley

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Due to the bitter cold in Wisconsin, many members of the homeless population face severe sickness, or even death, without the help of individuals and organizations such as the Chippewa Valley Street Ministry.

According to their website, "Chippewa Valley Street Ministry is a ministry that seeks to meet the needs of those who are not able to find housing, clothing and other various needs to survive......We are a ministry that works with those who tend to fall through the cracks of our society."

A recent online fundraiser put together by Andrew Werthmann raised over $20,000 on behalf of the Chippewa Valley Street Ministry. This will continue to help those who are homelessness receive emergency winter materials such as arm clothing, gloves, hats, blankets, water, candy, hygiene kits.

Continual support for organizations in the area who help those in need is vital to the success of our community.

Please consider donating to the Chippewa Valley Street Ministry to further their efforts and assistance.

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