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on equality

"Until we get equality in education, we won't have an equal society."

- Sonia Sotomayor

steps to promote equality in education


create an all-inclusive culture

The culture that is set by leadership at any place of education, will set the tone for how faculty, and students alike treat each other. Respect, and awareness has to be a key point and priority. It is important that everyone knows these guidelines, and that there are repercussions for not adhering to them; therefore, creating a safe environment for all


evaluate your materials & resources

Are all the signs, in multiple languages, to assist all students? Are there equal amounts of educational platforms and information, on multiple types of individuals, including (but not limited to): LGBTQIA+, Race, Disabilities, Genders, Ages? Are the books sold and highlighted, written or published by diverse authors? These are just a few examples of ways that education can be reformed to be diverse and equal for all


Actively promote diversity

The choice to be diverse and equal requires thought and planning. It may take additional time to find resources that provide equal representation of individuals, or diversity within the curriculum. However, these choices are what will shape and mold the learners and the teachers. By continually promoting and learning about diversity, it sets a precedent for the educational culture as a whole


continual training & education

To remain current, on issues, it is vital that staff has continual training and updates on how to best accommodate diversity within education. Hiring consultants on different issues such as race, gender, sex, etc., providing updated informational material with current events to be sensitive and aware of what others are facing, and implicit bias training are just a few examples of what continual education steps are available

need additional help?

Help with addressing concerns of lack of diversity and equality in you or your child's education:

Help with incorporating diversity and equality in your current place of education:

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